Eko-Tourist was founded in 1989 to practice nature and culture-based tourism. Our company is a fully licensed tour-operator according to the Polish law and European Union regulations. It was formed by activists from the Cracow Academic Section of Polish Tourist Society (PTTK) and from the Polish Ecological Club. They brought with them decades of experience in tourism, combined with an extensive knowledge of our country and a deep understanding of environmental problems. We have wide ranging contacts with academics, the state administration of nature protection, NGOs and independent experts. We work closely with scientists who are leaders of our study tours.


Our philosophy is that tourism should endeavour , so far as it's possible, to leave the environment through which it passes untainted, while helping to sustain local life and customs. Our basic offer is addressed to nature lovers who seek a close contact with nature and we aim to promote enhanced ecological and environmental awareness and understanding.

During the 24 years of Eko-Tourist activity over 2000 clients from Europe and the North America have enjoyed our offer. We took them to the most beautiful areas of Poland, Bohemia, Slovakia, Hungary, Ukraina and Baltic States. Our guests had the opportunity to visit primeval forests, vast swamps, sleepy rivers, rocky labyrinths and fairy tale caves. They were delighted with the splendour of flowery meadows, listened to the voices of backwoods, followed eagles with their eyes and met chamois on rocky paths. We showed them the memorials of 1000 years of history. In directing attention to all that is beautiful, in caring the safety, comfort and satisfaction of our guests, we did not hide the difficulties and conflicts which beset everyday life, to feature the real image of our contemporarity.


We have devised specialised itineraries which embrace the wealth of National Parks, Protected Landscapes and Historic Sites and Cities, combining our own knowledge of these places with the experience of local travel and National Park managers, and academics involved in nature conservation in Poland. We have at our disposal experts in the field of ecology as well as the best guiding personnel to provide a professional service and friendly atmosphere.

Our offer is specifically for tour operators, institutions, societes and formal or informal groups of people who are inresetsed in buying a whole tour. Eko-Tourist is very willing to discuss all details of the tours, for example: the duration, the standard of accommodation, the number of participants (we use to arrange tours even for 2 or 3 persons), the itinerary and any other particular services you may require.

If the proposed tours don't suit your requirements or you prefere to go somewhere else - we still can help you! We will prepare custom tailored itinerary for you to suit the specified requirements of your group.

If you are an individual tourist, and you don't like to travel alone, we would like to invite you to join one of our scheduled tours. Each year we organize few groups made up of clients from different countries. The aim is to enrich ecotourism with new values, by bringing together people interested in nature from all parts of the world to enter into mutual relations and to make new friends.